Global Warming and CYCE

Global Warming and CYCE

Global Warming and CYCE




Global warming occurs as a result of the greenhouse effect, which is thought to be caused by the increase of heat-holding gases such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and released into the atmosphere, as a result of the increase in the average temperatures measured on land, sea and air throughout the year.

These climate changes are drought, desertification, instability and deviations in precipitation, floods, typhoon, storm, tornado, etc. It manifests itself with symptoms such as increases in meteorological events.

Within the scope of the Paris Agreement made by the world countries in 2015 (for the details of the agreement including Turkey, please see: (

The targeted transition process to clean energy by 2030 not yet enough.

As CYCE, we have been working with all our strength for a long time to accelerate the transition to clean energy, reduce the use of fossil fuels and make renewable energy resources more valuable all over the world.

Today's world has entered into a new agreement, consensus system with the decentralized structure of blockchain technology. In this project, we aim to ensure that all humanity can be included in this support mechanism in order to reduce and completely eliminate global warming and carbon emissions, which are the biggest problems of our world, by using blockchain network technology.